If you think you’d make a great tutor we’d love to hear from you.

Our application is a little unique:

Firstly, complete your application form below. You’ll notice we ask some unique questions as we want to get to know you on a more personal level.

It will be reviewed and if required, we will call you to ask a few more questions. Your application will then be reviewed and you will receive a notification of the outcome by email.

We endeavour to respond to you within 7 days, although this can be a little longer if things are busy.

We have 4 main criteria for our tutors:

  1. Proven academic success in their area of expertise, such as a band 6 in the HSC or studying their subjects further at University. All tutor must have completed year 12 (or the equivalent in their state).
  2. An ability to inspire those around them. Our tutors are positive, pro-active and passionate people who are fun to be around.
  3. Excellent communication skills. It isn’t enough to know your stuff – you need to be able to effectively communicate it with patience and understanding.
  4. Local knowledge. Our tutors understand local culture and have a solid understanding of the curriculum requirements. We expect that our tutors either completed their schooling in Australia, or are qualified teachers from English speaking countries. Please be advised that in most cases we do not accept international students.

You will also need 2 things before you can work with any of our students:

An ABN – Free to obtain and takes about 5 minutes online (assuming you have a tax file number)

A Working with children check valid for paid work – a legal requirement for anyone working with young people. Applying for your WWCC is a 2 part process with a fee that we offer reimbursement for.

Both of these are covered in more detail upon acceptance and registration.

Having these 2 things is also a huge bonus:

Access to a car – as most tutoring takes place in student’s homes, it can be really challenging to get around on public transport.

The ability to take on 6 students per week – this is not a guarantee of hours, but it is our general expectation for most tutors.

 If you meet the criteria above and are willing to get your ABN and WWCC then please complete your details below: